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RE: Europa-List: Report re:- "Big C" problem....

Subject: RE: Europa-List: Report re:- "Big C" problem....
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:56:23

Well done Bob. I knew you were too bad to go early (remember I told you 
the good die young). Seriously both Kate and I have been worried about 
and can now put our minds at rest, as I=92m sure you can also. Hope to 
see you
soon. Incidentally, we return to the I.O.M. next week for the summer and
start to plan our wedding which is scheduled for 28th July on the 
will you be fit by then?




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Subject: Europa-List: Report re:- "Big C" problem....

Hi! All, Friends, Colleagues and Relatives alike,

I inadvertently told the world about my incident re:- prostate cancer in
that I replied to a message on the Europa Forum  so I guess it not
unreasonable I now do the same to advise the current prognosis and plans
about the course of treatment on which I am about to embark!

The tumour is a small one on the outside surface of an enlarged but 
prostate, there is no signs of it having established anywhere else such 
lymph glands. This news provides me with intense satisfaction and 

The treatment commences almost immediately by a course of tablets and
hormone injections over 6 months in the middle of which is a course of 
therapy 5 days per week for 5 weeks.

Seemingly the hormones have no undue side effects such as hair loss (not
much to go at anyway!)  no extra boobs but some weight increase is 
and they didn=92t tell me about the tiredness and =93hot flushes=94!  
(Jan thought
she had done with those =85.little did she know!=94

So all in all good news (of course it is to be hoped it remains that way 

I=92d like to thank all who were so kind as to message me with best 
wishes for
a speedy recovery, our prayers have been answered.

Unfortunately long away flights will have to be on the back burner until
after the whole course so weekly flyouts will have to await another 
(or after September)=85..if the aircraft gets to fly again any time 
collect the new Rotax 914 engine on Wednesday .

Must close now and get off to this months UK Betrayed Meeting=85=85.I 
trust all
you Europhiles are pleased at the air fuel increases, safety equipment
regulations brought about by our special relationship with Europe ?

Best regards

A somewhat relieved =85..

Bob H 





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