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RE: Europa-List: Wilson and the PFA

Subject: RE: Europa-List: Wilson and the PFA
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 04:43:35

I also suffered at the hands of KW, but only to a very minor degree
compared with others. I am no friend of his but I think that the approach
of some Europhiles is wrong.

I am not a laywer, but I understand that trading whilst knowingly insolvent
is a criminal offence.  I think this is the allegation that some people
have made against KW.  The people who should know whether this is the case,
or not, are the official Administrators (if that is the correct term).  We
should be challenging them to make a proper investigation (if not already
done) and, if the evidence is there, persuade them to bring charges.  If
the evidence is not there, I'm afraid we should bite the bullet and shut
up, otherwise we leave ourselves open to the charge of libel.

(IMHO and not knowing all the facts).


I haven't seen the publication as yet, but if they are trying to sneak
Mr Wilson back into favour, then I agree, its time for another round of
"comment" from as many people as we can muster. Please lets not allow
this clown back into our midst.

Have you read the diatribe on Page 50 by Messrs Wilson and Hope, with
Hope, praising the good Mr Wilson and expressing regret over "some
amongst a small number of members".
Time for some serious representation I feel.


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