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RE: Europa-List: Wilson and the PFA

Subject: RE: Europa-List: Wilson and the PFA
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 12:37:49

I haven't seen the publication as yet, but if they are trying to sneak
Mr Wilson back into favour, then I agree, its time for another round of
"comment" from as many people as we can muster. Please lets not allow
this clown back into our midst.


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Subject: Europa-List: Wilson and the PFA

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Have you read the diatribe on Page 50 by Messrs Wilson and Hope, with
Hope, praising the good Mr Wilson and expressing regret over "some
amongst a small number of members".
Time for some serious representation I feel.


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I see the PFA have used a Keith Wilson picture on the
front cover of the November magazine and for one or two

Time for another orchestrated series of complaints to
their chief exec

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