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Re: Europa-List: Angle of Attack

Subject: Re: Europa-List: Angle of Attack
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 08:38:24

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From: "Graham Singleton" <graham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Europa-List: Angle of Attack

| From: "josok" <josok-e@xxxxxxxx>
| Since i am a very green pilot, and do only dream about flying my Europa, 
| do not take this attempt too serious. I am flying the club's Supercub, and 
| on skies it asks for a fixed, 60 miles final, and because of the 
| you only set the descent rate at about 100 ft/min. The variable in this
| quotation is the settle down point of course. But since there are no 
| on these very long and very white runways, it does not matter. In my 
dreams i
| land the Europa the same way. Nail the speed on final, and set the descent 
| at an agreeable speed. Why would this work or not work?
| Jos
| In the flare, or rather when very close to the ground,last foot, the 
tailplane loses the effect of the downwash from the wing. This is ground 
effect of course. The result is that unless you do something about it, the 
nose will drop and you will bounce. As soon as you feel this nose drop pull 
the stick back quickly to prevent it.
| Simplest way is to feel for the ground with the tailwheel and as soon as 
it touches stick hard back. The plane can't pitch up so it just quits 
| Graham

            Graham has it! Another aspect is that you may have different 
weights on approach - passenger, luggage, full tank - and the difference 
between that and solo, no baggage and tanks toward empty - can be a 
significant percentage of the total weight. Like most aircraft the Europa 
exhibits very different drag characterisitics at extreme weights. You want 
to know what approach speed will give you Graham's 'feel-for-the-ground' 
values at round-out. That comes with care and research. But the approach 
speed does not stay fixed as with a Supercub on skis. Because the Europa is 
slick and smooth it floats when too fast. The reverse is even 
Good luck, and use a long runway to practice.

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