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Re: Europa-List: Water corrosion?

Subject: Re: Europa-List: Water corrosion?
Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 15:29:22

Check if your gascolator lets water through, if its an Andair it won't
unless wrongly assembled. I know the factory used a cheap gascolator one
time which was not well designed, ACS I think.
Its best to filter out the water before it gets in the tank, a Mister
Funnel will do that, but it is not the same mesh as the Andair, (70
migron) so fine stuff it lets through could still affect the Andair.


While following the thread on water corrosion, a couple of questions 
occurred to me :

- No one seems to mention the golden rule of pre-flight checks : sample 
the fuel at the tank(s) drain before moving the aeroplane. Any water 
present in the tank sump is thus eliminated before entering fuel lines. 
Or does that mean that some Europas don't have such a tank fuel drain ?

- One of the causes mentioned was "filling the tanks on the continent" : 
as a continental flyer I was navely thinking the standards in fuel 
handling were approximately the same throughout Western Europe. Does 
that really mean British pilots consider we are THAT sloppy in handling 
aviation fuels ?
In 22 years flying (and draining fuel sumps every flying day) I've never 
found the slightest water dropplet in my tanks ;-)

In my opinion the most probable cause for Avgas water contamination in 
Britain might well be rain in the tanks openings, wether when refuelling 
or sitting on the ramp, or moisture condensation.
Just wondering.

Gilles Thesee
Grenoble, France

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