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RE: Europa-List: Air Switch

Subject: RE: Europa-List: Air Switch
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 22:21:42

Very odd... I have a mod 'approved subject to flight test' for fitting an
AoA that taps into the pitot-static system.

I might have a chat with Francis on that one :-)


Jeremy Davey
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A word of warning to those in the UK. The PFA wouldn't allow me to put such

a switch in the same line as the pitot in case it interferred with the ASI
 the diaphram in the switch broke). Said I had to put in a separate pitot 

Roddy Kesterton

Europa 220 

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What about the ones used in  the Factory stall warner - that's very accurate
and sensitive. You may need  one that worked in the opposite sense, but I'm
sure that'll exist,  too.

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