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Re: Europa-List: Did you lock the door today ?

Subject: Re: Europa-List: Did you lock the door today ?
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 18:35:57

Sven Hi!

Re. Your quick conversion Cabrio!

Our Inspector here in the West Country (UK) is a really great old boy
Aircraft Designer and Pilot. He suspected the aft Door bolt of the Europa
and made Paddy Clarke and myself fit micro switches to indicate rear shoot
bolt engaged.

Very simple but effective solution with 'Door Open' sign in front panel.

When he tested the Doors his point was that it is impossible to shut them
and be sure both shoot bolts are engaged without real care and particularly
once seated in Aircraft. We both also fitted rear internal Door pull

Hope you get back in air very soon.

Kind Regards

Europa 384 G-FIZY
Trigear with Rotax 912 and Arplast CS Prop.
Dynon EFIS, KMD 150, Icom A-200 and SL70 Transponder.
PSS AoA Fitted.
Mobile: +44 7808 402404
WebFax: +44 870 7059985

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